YXist: Find Your Y

Until you get this right, nothing else makes sense.

Everything in life has a purpose — including YOU! When you discover in specific and practical terms why you exist everything else in life falls into place. Why go through life slugging it out merely surviving? You were made for so much more! 

What to do with a God Idea

Do you put God in a box, placing boundaries on the ways He has of getting divine wealth to you? Do you believe that you’ll receive if you give, only to spend weeks, months, even years, waiting for God to get His harvest to you in a certain way? If so, this booklet is for you. In these pages, Pastor Butler takes God out of the box, revealing an Almighty God who has many ways of prospering His people.

You Can Win

You Can Win is a 28-day strategy for stepping into the Winners Circle of life! No matter how much success or failure experienced, this powerful plan will help you think differently, believe differently and become the winner that God intends!

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