Find Your Y

Find Your Y

Answers to Life’s Most Important Question

This powerful book will help you: Discover your gifts, passion and purpose – Learn how to tune in to God in a way that works – Get Out of your Own Way in Life – Persevere through difficult times. It’ s time to start living the fun, fulfilling & amazing life that God intended for you!


God's Future For You

God has you on His mind! In fact, God has a dream for you –– for your future! He wants you to experience the amazing future He has planned for you. This book will reveal to you the five elements of the future God has for you. You’ll learn to: Unpack a bright future than you thought possible or would ever deserve, Let go of the things that hold you back, Discover God’s specific plan for your life, and Experience a life of joy and significance beyond your wildest dreams. Throughout the next 28 days, let your mind and heart dream, believe and come to see and expect the amazing future God has for you.


In My Feelings

Overcoming discouragement, depression, and grief

Does your life not look like you had hoped it would? Are you discouraged, depressed or grieving? Are you feeling like you have no future? This book can change your life for the better and help you still live the amazing future that God has for you!



Not In My House

The world is in a financial crisis. Banks are failing, companies are collapsing, the stock market is in a state of flux. Many are losing their homes, jobs, savings, and more. Many more fear they may be next. Not in My House reveals that you can choose to not participate in the world’s financial trouble. It will keep recession out of your house and cause wealth and riches to be in your house instead! Could you be next?


Life After

Moving From Pain To Promise

Difficulty, pain, and setbacks happen to all of us, but God can take what was meant for evil and turn it into good in your life. He can take what is bitter and make it sweet. This book will fill your heart with hope – hope for a better tomorrow!



Bae or Nah?

Finding the Love of your Life is Hard!

Dating today can be frustrating, confusing & heartbreaking. Although there are more tools than ever available to help you find the love of your life, choosing the one for you is not as easy as it looks in the movies. But God is eager to help you! With His help you CAN find & identify the one that He has prepared for you.


It's Gonna Be Alright

2020 has ben a very difficult year. The coronavirus, wildfires, plane crashes, earthquakes, locust swarms, the death of a world-renown basketball player and more has dominated the news cycles. Many of these events have caught us by surprise but not God. In It’s Gonna Be Alright by Andre Butler, he lays out God’s promise for 2020 to those that chose to follow him and steps that they need to take to not only survive but to thrive in the midst of a chaotic world.